Frequently asked questions about ErthCOVERINGS natural stone veneers.

ErthCOVERINGS is the registered brand name for our extensive line of natural stone products.
ErthCOVERINGS is made from 100% natural stone. There is no cement, colouring, molds or man-made materials added or mixed into the stone.
ErthCOVERINGS installed cost is usually much lower than the installed cost of natural masonry. ErthCOVERINGS require no footings, foundations, permits or preparation allowing for quick cost effective installation.
The average weight of ErthCOVERINGS is 8 to 14 lbs/sq.ft.
The average thickness of ErthCOVERINGS is ½” – 1 ½”
ErthCOVERINGS are available in a range of styles and colours. Our stone types include slate, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, basalt, marble, mica schist and pebbles.
The natural colour of ErthCOVERINGS will weather just like any other natural stone. Previous installations have shown no change in colour after years of weathering in various climatic conditions.
ErthCOVERINGS are as good as the substrate they are applied to. ErthCOVERINGS will not break down in an interior or exterior application.
Yes. Aside from a few products that require sealing for exterior use or are for interior use only, almost all ErthCOVERINGS are suitable for interior and exterior applications.
Yes. ErthCOVERINGS products are easily cut using a wet saw with diamond tipped blade. Always use appropriate safety apparatus.
ErthCOVERINGS products are virtually maintenance free. Occasional washing to remove dust and dirt build-up is all that is required. Sealing of stone with a penetrating sealer is optional although some ErthCOVERINGS must be sealed if you intent to install them outside.
A major benefit of ErthCOVERINGS is its lightweight feature. All that is needed to fix the stones to walls is appropriate mortar for fixing stone. Ensure exterior grade mortars are used for exterior installations.
ErthCOVERINGS can be applied over any structurally sound flat surface such as drywall, stone, block, brick, concrete, or cement board.
ErthCOVERINGS have been designed to make installation almost seamless. Basic installation of ErthCOVERINGS will disguise the seams.
Some ErthCOVERINGS products are suitable for floor applications. Discuss your options with your nearest dealer.
Yes. ErthCOVERINGS can be used around gas, electric, or wood burning inserts and fireplaces. Always refer to the manufacturer’s installation instructions and local building codes.
Yes. ErthCOVERINGS will perform the same as any natural stone.
ErthCOVERINGS allow for quick installation. Anywhere from 100 to 1000 sq. ft. can be installed in a day’s work.
Contact your local dealer for prices and/or names of installers. You can find a dealer using our dealer locator.