Swatch Image of ErthCOVERINGS Interlocking Pave Mat - Sydney Yellow ILPM-14

Sydney Yellow ILPM-14

Swatch Image of ErthCOVERINGS ILPM - Outback Brown ILPM-24

Outback Brown ILPM-24


The Interlocking Pave Mat (ILPM) series has been designed with beauty and simplicity in mind. Intended for rapid installation by minimizing cutting time and simplifying the grouting process, the precision-cut stones are placed on a mesh in a unique arrangement that makes interlocking relatively easy. The unmistakably vibrant hues and semi-rough surface texture of slate are present in every tile.

*Springwood Black ILPM-18: Dip sealing required for exterior use.


Indoor & Outdoor Floors & Walls


Landscaping Feature, Fireplace, Outdoor Flooring


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Finish Natural Cleft
Format Interlocking Mat
Dimension 19.5″ x 23″ x 1/2″
Weight 7 lbs/sq.ft
Tolerance +/- 1/8″
Salt Resistance Nil loss after 15 cycles
Avg. Water Absorption <= 1%
Avg. Mass Loss Nil


Recommended Installation Materials

The following installation materials have been tested with ErthCOVERINGS natural stone products. See the ILPM Installation Materials Page for usage information.


Drainage and ventilation system specifically designed for use with most exterior siding materials.

Magniflex Super 8820

Economical high performance multi-purpose polymer modified mortar suitable for both wall and floor applications.

Ultraflex RS

Premium grade high performance rapid setting polymer modified mortar suitable for both wall and floor applications.